And im taking my strawberry too! #roomies #happyhalloween #harleyquinn #joker #black #red #batman #leather #lace #strawberry

And im taking my strawberry too! #roomies #happyhalloween #harleyquinn #joker #black #red #batman #leather #lace #strawberry

Be Not Nobody: I'll Be Seeing You...




There’s a time and a place for all things to begin, and to end. My mother always told me that people come and go in life, for reasons and for seasons. But either way, most of them are a passing blip, a shooting star, that flickers for a moment, only to burn out and fade into the evening sky. A…

As I lay here tonight I remember the one I wrote these words to, and the memory he now leaves behind. I’ll never have the chance to kiss him goodbye or tell him again how loved he is, how much I’ll miss him. Life, for its own incomprehensible reason, has taken him from us all. Suddenly, impartially, he went. And as his family lays him down to rest tomorrow, I’ll be miles away, waiting for the day I make it across the country to see him again. 

“The woods are lovely, dark, and deep

But I’ve got promises to keep,

And miles to go before I sleep,

And miles to go before I sleep…”

Rest in peace now sweetheart, I’ll find you when my time comes. Always and forever…

#IHadADream #Poetry #Music

#IHadADream #Poetry #Music

Time to #RocktheVote!  (Taken with Instagram)

Time to #RocktheVote! (Taken with Instagram)

How cool are my friend’s abstracts? Love it! (Taken with Instagram)

How cool are my friend’s abstracts? Love it! (Taken with Instagram)

Be Not Nobody

This comes from another guest blogger this week, and I must say, as I was searching for a title for this particular post, I found that the title of my blog itself was most embodied by this contributors thoughts. So enjoy and let us know your thoughts!

What is reality? Can anyone fully explain it?

 Or are we all skeptical about the meaning of life?

 You be the judge. Open your mind. See differently and examine the beliefs of others. 

Understand we are all the same, in being human. Understand that universal good is defined in many other ways. Understand that being different does not make you a casualty or a failure. 

Forgive your enemies of ulitmate ignorance, and accept the reality that you may be wrong in situations, because we are all brothers and sisters, all in the pursuit of the same thing. Because we are all allies fighting against powers trying to have ultimate control and set a standard that promotes the faith of meaningless metals and paper. 

Soak in other voices before passing judgement. Respect the intelligent thoughts of others who respect yours, and be polite to ignorant voices who speak from greed and so called success. Reject the social media and propoganda of modern day society. 

Do not be afraid to be your own person, but in doing this do not be ignorant about your stance.

 Do not accept the world around you if ultimately you can justify it being wrong. 

Be dignified enough to walk in another’s shoes and intelligent enough to see that society has made our lives revolve around man made importance and man made rule of law. But understand that it was created to make us equal, and that a man with deeper pockets should not have a louder voice than you, and if he does challenge this wrong doing.
Be strong enough to be you and to not let ignorance cloud your choice, but use knowledge as a tool of learning, not a cause for confrontation. Know that you will be labeled as wrong more than you will be told you are right.

We all want to make it to heaven, to live forever, to be comforted in death and to have a meaning for exsistence. Open your eyes and look upon the world as you deem fit. Be knowledgable on your stance, and be humbled by intelligent voices expressing another opinion, because no matter what color, what god we pray to, what clothes we wear, what climate we live in, we are all the same. But Americans, we are brothers, sisters, related in the ultimate freedom of self independence. If you condemn another for being different, who has a valid point and a voice that is for the good of the people as a whole, you are everything that’s wrong with this world.


“Actors didn’t use to be celebrities. A hundred years ago, they put the theaters next to the brothels. Actors were poor. Celebrities used to be kings and queens. Then the United States abolished monarchy, and now there`s this coming together of show business and celebrity. I don’t think it’s healthy. I don`t want to sound self-important, but all these celebrity shows and magazines - it comes from us, from Hollywood, from our country. We’re the ones creating it. And I think it works in close step with a lot of other bad things that are happening in the world. It promotes greed, it promotes being selfish and it promotes this ladder, where you`re a better person if you have more money. It`s not at all about the work itself. Don`t get me wrong. I love movies. But this myth of celebrity has nothing to do with movies.” - Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Gotta love him

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Welcome My Guest Bloggers!

In light of a recent request, I am giving some allotted time and space in my blog for a guest blogger or two! I haven’t been terribley proficient in keeping up on my own thoughts, so why not let others present themselves?

So starting today, I’ll be posting submissions from some annonymous contributors and we would love to hear your feedback!

Let’s start with this. We’ll call it:

An Ocean Memoir

It was like swimming in open water.

Treading in the deep blue abyss of some distant ocean he would never see.

Bobbing in place while fighting rising and violent urges to panic.

Crying out was useless.

There was no land on the distant horizon to feverishly swim for.

There was no glimmer from a boat anywhere upon the vast horizon

That melted into the water like a watercolor painting,

No protection from the unrelenting sun, no vessel nor raft that he could seek.


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